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OBAKGING specializes in manufacturing intelligent food production line design and packaging equipment, providing a complete set of turnkey engineering equipment and solutions. Accept customized products according to customer needs.

Autoamtic Ultrasonic cutter

OBAKING -The ultrasonic food cutting equipment is composed of an ultrasonic transducer, a housing, a horn, a titanium alloy knife and a numerical control drive power supply. U..

Industrial Bakery equipment for hamburger bun line

Complete bread production line turnkey project..

Continuous Aerated Mixer

OBAKING Aerated mixer system The core of the continuous inflation system is OBAKING  Customized Parts  ,The parts  we use includes a rotor and a stator, both of which are covered w..

OBAKING Spiral dough mixer Series

CE Commerical bakery equipments Flour mixing equipemnts..

Automatic cookies extruder and Cutter

OBAKING OEM Factory supply one-stop bakery machines such as Frozen cookies ,Hard dough cookies /Chcolated cookies machines ,Withhigh speed cold dough cutter ,big capacity of production equipments 300k..

OBAKING Planetary Mixers

Commerical & Industrial grade for cake production..

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For each Project ,We provide the oversea service and installation.

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